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Comprehensive update to Planning Practice Guidance on flood risk and coastal change

What this is about

On Thursday 25th August 2022, government published a comprehensive update to the Flood risk and coastal change section of the Planning Practice Guidance.

Improved guidance has been provided on:

  • When/how the sequential and exception tests should be applied
  • Surface water flood risk and how it should be considered and addressed
  • How to take an integrated approach to flood risk management
  • The use of multifunctional SuDS and a clearer requirement for SuDS information with planning applications
  • To be considered SuDS, drainage systems will need to meet the 4 pillars – water quantity, water quality, biodiversity and amenity
  • Encouragement for local policies steering the type of SuDS preferred in different locations, to maximise benefits and minimise risks
  • Guidance on the need for other permits (under EPR) for SuDS
  • Natural flood management and other ways to reduce the causes and impacts of flooding
  • The latest supporting tools and guidance such as the CIRIA Property Flood Resilience Code of Practice

Why the PPG has been updated

This update follows government’s Review of policy for development in areas at flood risk which committed to a ‘significantly revised and updated’ flood risk planning practice guidance. Changes were also needed as a result of updates to the NPPF and following other reviews such as the Jenkins Review, Public Accounts Committee review and EFRA Committee review.

What you need to do

Please familiarise yourself with the updated PPG and cascade to ASA’s relevant networks of people working on flood risk and SuDS aspects of development planning.


Please contact Sam Kipling ( or Caroline Sutton ( if you have any queries.

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