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Update on the forthcoming ICE Manual of Blue Green Infrastructure

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With COP 26 on climate change and COP 15 on biodiversity happening in 2021, we have been informed that ICE’s editors and author teams are hard at work on the forthcoming Manual of Blue Green Infrastructure. This timely and valuable publication will draw together the latest guidance on many different types of blue green infrastructure, from urban trees to rural quarry restoration, and from sustainable urban drainage systems to green roofs. The co-editors are Dr Carla Washbourne of UCL and Claire Wansbury of Atkins Ltd. Publication is planned for autumn/winter 2022.

The Institution of Civil Engineers has a long history of publishing resources for professionals working on engineering projects. Work on this new Manual of Blue Green Infrastructure started in 2018 when the ICE issued a survey to gauge interest in the concept and the value of a new overarching guide. The results of the survey showed strong support, and the Institution’s subsequent choice to publish this Manual of Blue Green Infrastructure shows three things – 1 – the maturity of the concept and knowledge on how to do it well, 2 – the fact that it is a vital part of infrastructure engineering design, not something to add on as extra by others, and 3 – its importance to our environment, society and economy. We will keep members updated on any further updates.

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