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Government Review of Planning Policy for Flood Risk

In MHCLG’s paper ‘Planning for the Future’, published earlier this year, government committed to review policy for building in areas at risk of flooding, assess whether current protections in the National Planning Policy Framework are enough and consider options for further reform.

MHCLG needs the expert advice of those involved in planning and delivering new development and advising on flood risk to help us understand what works well and what could be improved. To help them achieve these aims, they would like to invite all Planning Authorities to complete a short survey accessible through this link:

Views collected by this questionnaire will inform this review and apply to planning policy for England only. Responses to the questionnaire should be submitted online only, as it enables more efficient and effective consideration of the issues raised. The survey will close at 23:45 on 16th August 2020. It is recommended that respondents access the survey through the Google Chrome browser as some issues have occured when using Explorer.

Many Planning Authorities will have responded to the TCPA’s survey on ‘Planning for Climate Change at the Local Level’ that closed last month. This survey builds on their work and focuses specifically on flood risk and does not repeat any of the survey questions asked by the TCPA.

We would be very grateful if you could forward the link to the survey to appropriate planning officers within your organisation / or tiered authority and encourage them to submit a response.

This survey is aimed for LPAs, but we encourage all members to engage with their respective planning authorities when responding.

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