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CIWEM publish their review of the 25 Year Environment Plan – Ambition to Realisation

CIWEM Publish Their Review Of The 25 Year Environment Plan – Ambition To Realisation

CIWEM have just published their review of the 25 Year Environment Plan – Ambition to Realisation. Of importance to ASA and our community is the recognition that “there is a need for more, extensive, transparent and consistent reporting.” and more directly related to ASA’s core objective that “Collaboration provides benefit though facilitating knowledge exchange, pooling resources, and developing solutions that address trade-offs and pursue win-win options.”

Specifically in relation to Lead Local Flood Authority roles, the report states “As with local authorities more broadly, LLFAs often suffer with resource challenges that hamper their ability to properly scrutinise and provide advice on development schemes so that they deliver the best flood resilience and wider environmental benefit.”

The CIWEM report may be speaking to the broader environmental goals encapsulated within the 25 year plan, but a sustainable drainage approach to management of surface water provides the vehicle for delivering many of the benefits sought through the plan.

ASA itself can seek to overcome some of the key constraints identified for LLFAs through sharing of information within our network and collaborating across our membership. It is important however that we as a community do work to report and measure our successes so that this can be clearly demonstrated to Government and support a clear rationale for funding through our ASA members.

Report can downloaded here.

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